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4 Natural Ways to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

4 Natural Ways to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

There is nothing worse than chipped nail polish on your fingertips.

If you want to extend the life of your manicure you can use simple and natural ways to make nail polish last longer.

Whether you’re a master of manicures or a beauty newbie, you can polish your nails like a pro at home. Here’s how:

Swipe on an Isopropyl Alcohol Wash

alcohol nail bath

Dip nails into an alcohol-soaked cotton ball before painting your nails with polish.

By swiping your nail bed with the alcohol, you’ll remove any oily residue remaining on your nails and help the polish last longer.

Make sure you rinse your fingertips with water before you apply any nail lacquer. Next, apply one thin layer of your favorite base coat to your nails.

Let the polish dry for two to three minutes before you reapply polish.

Dip your Digits in a Bowl of Ice Cubes & Cuticle Oil

natural oils and nail polish

Set your polish color by dipping your fingertips in a small bowl filled with four or five ice cubes and cold water.

To speed up the nail drying time and extend the life of your manicure, dunk your freshly-polished nails in the icy water.

After the dip in the cool water, let your nail polish continue drying for at least 15 minutes. Coat your nails with two to three drops of cuticle oil to moisturize your nail beds and prevent the pretty polish color from chipping.

Apply White Vinegar and Cotton Balls to Your Tips

cotton balls white vinegar

Skip the soapy water and clean your nails with a few cotton balls soaked in white vinegar. Why?

Dipping your nails in water will add moisture to your nail bed and cause your nail polish to lift.  Because undetectable oil on your nail bed will keep the basecoat from sticking to nails, the vinegar-soaked cotton balls will remove any natural oils that will cause your polish to chip.

To remove the strong vinegar smell, dip your fingers in water to remove any vinegar residue remaining on your nails.

Wash your Nails in Apple Cider Vinegar and Warm Water

dip nails in apple cider vinegar

While white vinegar can remove oils from the nail bed easily, its strong smell may linger on your cuticles after you polish your nails.

But you don’t have to abandon this effective home remedy. Just dilute the vinegar!  Mix 1 part apple cider vinegar with 1 equal part of warm water in a small bowl.

Dip your fingertips in the bowl for at least 10 seconds. Wipe the solution off your nails with a towel or a cotton ball before applying a base coat.

Here are four natural ways to make your nail polish last longer.

  1. I like this apple cider vinegar idea. It’s not so strong as white vinegar and smells better. I frequently use this vinegar in salads but I never thought of using it for my nails.

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