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Get Gorgeous: How to Apply False Eyelashes Easily

false eyelashes tips

If you’ve spied a starlet wearing fake eyelashes on the red carpet, you definitely want the same stargazing look for your own eyes. While we have T.L. Williams to thank for creating Maybelline mascara in 1913, film director D.W. Griffith (and his wigmaker) are the geniuses behind the first pair of false eyelashes born three years later in 1916 .

A favorite among celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, false eyelashes are the perfect accessory to add Hollywood glamour to your makeup routine.

With a steady hand and a dab of glue and mascara, you can apply lush lashes to your own lids, and apply false eyelashes easily like a professional makeup artist.


Step 1-Measure your fake eyelashes against your real lashes to create a perfect fit

Based upon the length of your natural eyelashes, use the scissors to trim the fake eyelashes accordingly. Natural lashes are longer towards the eye, but shorter towards the nose, so trim your fake eyelashes to look real and natural before you apply glue.

Step 2 – Curl your real eyelashes.

To prepare a proper base for your luscious false extensions, add a little bend to fatten up your skinny lashes.  Before applying the fake eyelashes to your lids, a natural curl will give the illusion of fullness you want. I recommend you use the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. Makeup artists swear by this eyelash-curl enhancer and its was awarded by InStyle Magazine as the Best Winner in Lashes & Curlers.

Step 3- Secure your fake eyelashes with glue for a perfect fit.

On the base of your fake lashes, dot a few pats of lash glue. Look at yourself in the mirror, while tilting your head at a 45-degree angle and closing your eyes. Use tweezers while your eye is slightly closed to apply the fake eyelashes across the base of your lids.

Hold the lashes down for 10 seconds. Repeat on each eyelash.

Step 4 -Add mascara and liquid liner to your eyelashes

Add two coats of mascara to allow your own lashes to blend with the fake lashes. To prevent clumps, wiggle the wand around the base to free the makeup. Apply a liquid liner across the upper lash line to hide white adhesive and any glue imperfections.

Last minute fake eyelash tips:

  • If you false eyelashes start to slide, press your fake eyelashes down on each end and once in the middle using a small brush.
  • Allow your fake eyelashes to dry for a minimum of 10 minutes before applying the rest of your makeup.
  • Avoid pumping the mascara wand repeatedly to add unnecessary air or trap bacteria into your mascara.
  • Stay away from mascara formulations that include “fiber” which will encourage clumpy false lashes and “spider leg” lashes.
  • To remove your false eyelashes before bedtime, use baby oil to unhinge the lashes.  Peel the eyelashes gently and slowly to discard them.

Here’s a few videos on how to apply false eyelashes easily!

TotalBeauty.com – False Eyelashes

Real Simple – How to Apply Fake Lashes

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