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Beauty Foods: What to Eat for Amazing and Beautiful Skin

beauty foods for skinIf you ask any famous beauty guru they’ll tell you that you can eat your way to beautiful skin.

To find the beauty secrets that Hollywood starlets use to reveal clear and blemish-free skin, learn how to use a skin-friendly diet to get radiantly soft skin from the inside out.

Want healthy and glowing skin? Remember that you are what you eat.

You’ll need H20 for a healthy glow

Drink a minimum of 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. Hydrate your body with filtered water. Limit your intake of sodas and energy drinks.

Rooty Tooty, Fresh and Fruity

Fresh fruit and vegetable are always on the menu if you want beautiful skin. Up your daily fruit and vegetable portions from one serving to five gorgeously green vegetables. What are the best fruits and veggies for your skin?  Add more carrots, broccoli, watercress and oranges to your daily diet of fresh foods.

Add anti-oxidant boosting raw foods into your diet

Anti-oxidants fight free-radicals and slows down damage to your skin cells. The result of eating foods high in anti-oxidants (like cranberries and blueberries) an increase in blood circulation and healthy glowing skin.

Here are a few more inexpensive beauty foods you can use to get beautiful skin:

Asparagus is a beauty food that not only has high alkaline properties, but is a natural diuretic that helps to balance the skin’s pH levels.

Coconut oil is a natural skin smoother that not only smells good but prevents the formation of free radicals. It also protects the skin from developing age spots and can decrease the effects of sun exposure.

Avocado contains both Vitamins C & E. This green beauty food is filled with healthy fat and keeps the skin young and supple.

Pick a lush and beautiful mango as a beauty food. Mangoes help to increase circulation and let your beautiful skin shine through.

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