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5 Simple Steps to Completely Cover a Tattoo With Makeup

5 Simple Steps to Completely Cover a Tattoo With Makeup

If you have a few prominently placed tattoos, no doubt you’ve tried to cover them hastily before a job interview, your wedding day, or a meeting with your new boyfriend’s conservative parents.

Thankfully, through the miracle of modern makeup, a woman has many options to cover her tattoos easily.

With a few strokes of concealer, red-based lipstick, and translucent powder you can cover up your tattoos with makeup and keep your tatted skin a secret.

Your Cover a Tattoo with Makeup Toolkit

  • 1 small synthetic or nylon makeup brush
  • 1 medium synthetic or nylon makeup brush
  • 1 tube of red-based matte lipstick (not frosted lip gloss)
  • translucent powder
  • concealer in a warm tone
  • concealer in a cool tone

Step 1 – Clean your tattooed skin with soap and water.

clean your tattoo with soap and water

To remove any oil or lotion residue from your skin the tattooed area needs a thorough cleansing. Make sure skin is clean so makeup product will adhere to the tattoo uniformly and smoothly.

Step 2 – Cover the tattoo with a red-based lipstick.

Add a red-based lipstick to cover the tattoo

Use the small synthetic brush to cover the tattoo with makeup in small seamless strokes. Start with the outer area of the tattoo and brush the makeup gently but thoroughly across the tattoo.

Apply 2 to 3 thin coats of the lipstick to the tattoo. Allow the area to dry between each individual application of the makeup.

If the red-based concealer doesn’t completely cover your blue or black ink, neutralize these highly pigmented colors with, an orange-based concealer like Smashbox, Orange Color Correcting Stick.

Step 3 – Apply a cool-toned concealer to cover the tattoo.

cool-toned concealer to cover tattoos

Use the medium synthetic brush to apply the makeup to cover the tattoo. Use the light-colored makeup to counteract the deep red tone of the lipstick.

Use wide strokes to cover the tattoo, starting from the edge of the design in. Apply 2 to 3 thin coats of the concealer, before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4 – Smooth a warm-toned concealer over the tattoo.

cover tattoo with concealer

The concealer must be an exact match for your skin tone. Again apply 2 to 3 coats to cover the tattoo. Apply more layers of makeup if the red-based makeup is still peeking through the layers of makeup.

Step 5 – Cover the makeup with translucent powder.

cover tattoo with translucent powder

Dip the medium, fluffy bronzer brush into the translucent powder. Dust the tattooed areas with the brush lightly. Don’t skip the translucent powder step. It is important for smudge resistance and to set the makeup.

Or for maximum coverage, set with Kryolan’s Dermacolor Fixing Powder.

3 more tips to cover up your tattoo with makeup

Dermablend tattoo and stretch mark cover up

  1. If the tattoo is large, section the tattoo into fourths before applying makeup.
  2. Dermablend is a popular makeup used to cover tattoos. Use this full coverage body formulation to cover your ink completely.
  3. Wait a minimum of one hour before covering the tattoo with clothing.

Who wants to pay about $1,000 dollars over five sessions to remove a tattoo?

Instead, use this handy makeup recipe to cover your tattoo with makeup and keep your tramp stamps and ankle tats away from prying eyes.

5 Steps to cover a tattoo with makeup


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  2. Here in Oregon people love to cover themselves with tattoos. It’s sort of hobby with us. So I am always interested in seeing what others are doing and learning new things. Thanks for the post.

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