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How to Cover Up Zits With Makeup Fast (3 Minutes or Less)

How to Cover Up Zits With Makeup Fast (3 Minutes or Less)

Oh the dreaded zit.

This skin and beauty disaster often appears on special occasions like your wedding, prom and school picture day — or worse, the night before your hot first date.

Thankfully, when you need to make your skin look perfect, you can conceal the bad and highlight the good.

With a steady hand and a few expert beauty tricks you can fake the appearance of smooth and sexy skin…even when it’s not.

Things You”ll Need to Conceal Your Problem Skin:

  • Face cleansing product
  • Oil cream moisturizer
  • Flat-edged makeup brush
  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Cosmetic sponge
  • Loose translucent powder

1 -Concealer

Concealer is a magical beauty product that helps to hide everything that foundation doesn’t. Whether you use a cream or liquid formulation this skin-smoothing makeup should be the same color as your foundation.

Apply the concealer with a small makeup brush to cover your pimple and any redness surrounding the zit completely.

2 -Foundation

Foundation comes in a variety of textures such as cream, liquid, mousse, powder and cream-to-powder. Moisturize your skin completely before applying foundation.

The best foundation color for your skin tone should vanish along the jawline and not look like a powdery gray or white mask on top of your skin. Smooth the foundation over the concealer to cover your zit completely.

3 -Translucent Powder

Dust your skin with a loose translucent powder hue that matches your natural skin tone perfectly. If your translucent powder color is too pale, it will highlight your pimple, instead of covering the dreaded zit.

For oily skin sufferers, translucent powder fights shine prevents your makeup from flaking or sliding off the zit, by creating a matte surface on your skin.

makeup to cover zits and pimples
After moisturizing skin with a product for your particular skin type, apply a pea-sized dot of concealer to your pimple with a makeup brush with a flat edge.


How to Really Cover Up Zits with Makeup

  1. CLEANSE –Wash face with a gentle cleansing product formulated for your skin type. Rinse your face with water and pat dry with a towel.
  2. MOISTURIZE -Smooth on a pea-sized amount of an oil cream moisturizer on your skin.
  3. COVER –Dip the tip of a flat-edged makeup brush into your cream or liquid concealer. Place the brush’s bristles on top of the zit and twist the beauty tool around the red areas to hide the bump. Repeat this step until the pimple is lightly covered with concealer.
  4. CONCEAL– Place a pea-sized amount of concealer into the palm of your hand. Using your fingertips, apply the product on the surrounding skin around the base of the pimple. Too pale a concealer or powder will highlight your zit, instead of covering it.Smooth the concealer up and all around the pimple to hide the zit completely and blend the makeup thoroughly.
  5. SMOOTH –Apply foundation on your skin with a small cosmetic sponge. Cover the pimple and your skin with a thin coat of the liquid makeup to create a natural look while covering freckles or other skin flaws on your cheeks, forehead or chin. Your concealer, foundation and translucent powder shade should match your skin tone perfectly
  6. POWDER –Complete your zit cover-up with translucent powder. Place your clean and dry fingertip in a jar of loose translucent powder. The cornstarch or talc in the translucent powder not only fights shine and oily skin, but it also creates a matte surface to prevent the makeup from sliding off the pimple.Pat the pimple lightly with the powder to set the makeup and keep the unsightly pimple a secret.

If you’ve got pimples, you are not alone. In fact, there’s no need to panic over this sudden skin disaster. As it turns out, you can cover your blemish and keep your pimpled-skin a secret.

The trick: Use the right makeup products and expert beauty tricks that’ll make your skin flawless and fabulous.

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makeup to cover zits and pimples

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