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Eye Bags Treatment: How to Make Eye Bags Disappear

Eye Bags Treatment: How to Make Eye Bags Disappear

It’s a dilemma. You have a big presentation at work, or a hot date…and your under eye bags are larger than the state of Texas.  Do you feign an unexpected illness to miss these vital appointments with destiny?

Of course not. You just need an eye bags treatment to make your eye bags disappear, quick fast and in a hurry.

But first, here are a few causes of eye puffiness and large eye bags:

  1. Heredity – Genetics may cause this skin condition to appear. If your mom has bags under her eyes, start a prevention regimen in your 20’s with a nightly swipe of peptide eye cream to your taught under-eye skin.
  2. Natural Aging Process – As women get older, the ligaments beneath eyes weaken. Puffiness of the under eye region is due to the reduced elasticity of your eye’s lower lid.
  3. Collagen Breakdown – Early stages of collagen loss due to aging make bloated bags sag and look bigger.
  4. Lifestyle – Lifestyle can affect your skin’s appearance negatively. If you consume large amounts of salt or skip sleep, you will notice the bags increase under your eyes.
  5. Allergies and Skin Conditions – Eye bags may form due to severe sinusitis or dust, dirt and food allergies. Repeated inflammation may cause the eyes area to droop.

To make “eye bags disappear”–or to prevent under eye bags–use the following remedies and treatments:

  • When you wake up with bags, gently massage the inner corners of the eye to distribute fluid and increase lymphatic flow.
  • Increase your water intake. Puffy eyes may be a result of dehydration. After a night of alcohol drinking, partying, or consuming salty food beat under eye swelling with a few 8 oz. glasses of water.
  • Pump up under eye skin with a cream containing retinol. This fluid-reducing agent stimulates fibroblasts that produce more collagen.
  • Swipe a generous dollop of aloe vera gel on your eyes. Aloe vera is an anti-inflammatory agent that soothes puffy and irritated eyes.
  • Thin, fragile under-eye skin is more vulnerable to damage, so it ages faster than other areas on the face. Choose a sunscreen fortified with vitamin C and antioxidants to protect the under eye area.
  • Combat collagen loss with a peptide eye cream. Peptides trick cells into producing more collagen, which tightens skin. Think of the peptide cream as a girdle or Spanx for the under eye area.
  • Here’s a favorite eye bags treatment. Make eye bags disappear with cucumber. Cut two thin slices of cucumber. Place this cool treatment on the eyes to reduce swelling.
  1. I absolutely hate my eye bags! They look as heavy as my luggage when I moved back here. I immediately looked for San Diego Bags under eyes specialist and found a dermatologist to remove my eye bags. Like an answered prayer, I am good as new now…

  2. I have under-eye circles and puffiness that was handed down to me by my mother. I’ve tried tea bags, Preperation- H, cucumbers and several over the counter eye creams. Last month I found Newhydrolyze.net which has information on Hydrolyze, an eye cream available easily online. I figured I’d try it as I really don’t have anything else to loose. Does anyone have experience with it?

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