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Eye Makeup for Big Eyelids: A Tutorial That Will Make Your Big Eyes Pop!

Eye Makeup for Big Eyelids: A Tutorial That Will Make Your Big Eyes Pop!

If you have big eyes, your makeup mission is to reduce the appearance of large lids without piling too much makeup on your eyes.

The key is to create a bright, beautiful and striking eye with dark shadows and eyeliner instead of painting on a total makeup mess.

Whether you are attending a work event or a nighttime party, give ‘em an eyeful with shadow colors and eyeliner that minimize your lids without overpowering your pretty peepers.

Thing You’ll Need:

  • Liquid primer
  • Neutral eyeshadow colors
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Jet black or charcoal gray eyeshadow
  • Vanilla, taupe, grey or white eyeshadow
  • Charcoal gray or black eyeliner pencil
  • Angled eyeshadow brush
  • Cotton swabs
  • Makeup remover
  • Eyelash comb
  • Mascara
  • Golden bronze shadow

Step 1 -Start with a primer.

If your eye makeup flakes or never stays put, add a few dots of liquid primer to each eyelid. Smooth the primer over the lid using your fingertips. Don’t have any primer in your makeup bag? Liquid foundation or concealer is the perfect primer substitute.

Step 2 – Apply eyeshadow expertly for big eye enhancement.

A dramatic and well-dressed eye requires more than one shade of shadow. Illuminate eyes by first sweeping a neutral brown or charcoal gray powder just above the crease of the lid. Deposit the shadow on the eye in an arc shape starting at the middle of the eyelid and working outward with a round eyeshadow brush.

Step 3 – Swipe on a contour shade to minimize your large lids.

To minimize your prominent eyelids, add a second contour shade in jet black or charcoal gray from the crease to the lash line. Why? Dark shadow shades serve double duty; they create a smoky eye effect and make the eyelid appear smaller. Blend the two shadows together with a fluffy blush brush.

Step 4 – Enhance your eye shape with a light eyeshadow shade.

Add impact to your eye with a vanilla or taupe eyeshadow. Sweep this light-colored hue under the brow bone and near the tear duct to create a bright-eyed and open look for daytime. Swipe on a light-reflecting shadow in metallic gray or a white shimmer above the eye, to upgrade your daytime eye for nighttime events.

Step 5 – Apply pencil liner to make eyes pop.

Enhance your upper lash line by skimming a charcoal gray or black eyeliner pencil from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye.

Smudge the pencil liner with the edge of an angled eyeshadow blush to blend with the base and contour shadow.

To create a more fashionable eye look, you can extend the eyeliner longer than the outer eye corner end.

Comb lashes and pile on two coats of mascara to finish the look.

Eye Makeup for Big Eyelids Do’s and Don’ts

  • Erase your eyeshadow mess-ups with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover. Skim the swab over your eyelid lightly to correct crooked eyeliner or any eyeshadow mistakes.
  • Want a neutral shadow color that complements all skin tones? Swipe on an eye-brightening golden brown metallic shadow.
  • Never use a dark shadow across the entire lid; it makes the big eyelids appear heavier.

To paint the perfect eye look, you will need expert makeup tips for your big and beautiful eye shape. Whether you have deep-set eyes or wide-set eyes, you can apply eye makeup that sets a dramatic tone for evening or makes eyes gleam and sparkle for daytime.

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