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ghd Flat Irons: How to Use ghd Hair Straighteners for Hairstyles

ghd flat irons ghd hair straighteners

Tips and Tools to Straighten Your Hair with ghd Flat Irons and ghd Hair Straighteners.

Since 2001, ghd flat irons have been the go-to tools used by top hair stylists and celebrities for straight and shiny hair.

These superior hair straighteners, provide instant style for the busy woman needing to maintain her mane in between salon visits.

Infused with ghd thermodynamic technology, these superior hair tools (when used with quality styling products) improve the condition of your locks while creating straight hair that is static-free and shiny.

With a few helpful hints your ghd hair straightener or flat iron can create eye-catching hairstyles and sleek hair.

  • Start with clean, dry hair. Because a flat iron presses the hair between the jaws of two hot metal pieces, you want your hair to be dry and conditioned. If you use the iron on wet strands, (which is not recommended) it will fry and frizz the hair.
  • Straighten hair with a single pass. Apply the flat iron to the hair from the roots to the tips. A ghd iron brings out shine while leaving hair moist instead of brittle and dry.  Even at the highest temperature setting, the flat iron produces silky, smooth and shiny hair. For thicker hair, use a fine rattail comb to guide the iron.
  • Bend the ends. With a short hairstyle or bangs, straighten the tips of your hair with your ghd flat iron.  Start 1/2 inch from the roots and bend the iron towards the end of your hair. The plates of the flat iron will round out the ends, frame your face instead of giving you a straight and flat look.
  • Don’t iron roots. Avoid a bone-straight look by flattening your hair at mid-shaft to the ends. If you iron the roots, you will lose extra body and fullness at the crown. To maintain bounce throughout the flat ironing process,  start with a loose tension on the iron. To create a bump in the hair, use a firmer grip on the curling iron towards the end of the hair.

If you want to smooth your hair with perfect precision–and avoid scorched strands, use these tips and a few flat irons to perfectly tame your mane.

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    May 18, 2010 at 5:21 am

    I like beautiful hairstyles made with GHD hair products. I choose the GHD hair straightener or the GHD MK4 black This flat iron changed my life.

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    Nov 16, 2010 at 9:32 pm

    some hair straighteners that use chemicals are very harsh to the hair, that is why you should be careful with those .;.

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    hair flatirons
    Jun 23, 2011 at 1:06 am

    This flat iron is great. It doesn’t make you hair have any static and it makes your hair smooth and beautiful. If you really like having smooth straight hair that doesn’t take forever to straighten this is the product for you.

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