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Foundation and Concealer Tips

How Does Concealer Work? Tips to Help Camouflage Your Beauty Flaws

How Does Concealer Work? Tips to Help Camouflage Your Beauty Flaws

If you suffer from under eye circles or slight imperfections in your skin, the perfect concealer can hide these dark areas beautifully.

More than a make-up artist’s miracle blemish-covering secret agent, this powerful cosmetic can remove years of aging off of a woman’s face.

Finding the correct concealer for your skin tone can be tricky.

But with a few key concealer application tips, any woman can dab a little makeup magic under her eyes, and restore the beauty of her youth in less than 5 minutes.

how to use concealerConcealer what does it do?

 Concealer is a makeup used primarily by women to cover blemishes, scars, and any skin imperfections.

Typically a few shades lighter than foundation, a concealer is most effective when applied to clean and moisturized skin.

In comparison to liquid, powder or cream foundation, most concealers are heavier in coverage and consistency.

Fun Concealer Fact: The legendary Hollywood make-up studio, “Max Factor” first sold concealer to women in 1938.

types of concealer makeupTypes of Concealer Makeup

Concealers come in four different product formulations: powder, paste, stick, and liquid.

The color concealer palette ranges from yellow and peach, to blue, green and purple.

Swipe on this miracle makeup product in conjunction with a foundation or a skin-toned concealer to hide blemishes and dark circles.

apply concealer with a brushBest Way to Apply Concealer

To apply a concealer use a makeup brush.

If you prefer using your fingers over brushes, apply makeup with your ring finger. (Use of this finger will apply less pressure to your face, than your thumb or pointer.)

To reduce the aging effects of wrinkles, apply a primer under your eyes before covering the dark circles with a concealer. Select several types of concealer for use in summer and winter months and for subtle changes in your skin.

where to put concealer on the faceWhere to Put Concealer

Concealer creates a seamless canvas for perfect makeup application.

When applied by the hand of a skilled makeup artist, a concealer can successfully cover large pores, reduce eye bags, or hide acne and pimples.

To cover a mole or scar use a shade that is close to your skin tone. New formulations of concealer blend include moisturizing agents to soften skin and cover dark areas simultaneously.

concealer vs. foundationShould I use concealer instead of foundation?

 The wrong colored concealer will draw attention to the area that it is covering, rather than hide it.

Although concealers are typically two to three shades lighter than your skin tone, pick a color that is compatible with your current foundation color. Always apply concealer before foundation for maximum effectiveness.

To determine the proper shade of concealer, do not apply it to the back of your hand. Smooth the concealer directly onto the area you want to cover and stand in direct sunlight to test its ability to hide the blemish or scar.

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