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How to Hydrate and Treat Dry Facial Skin


Five Tips to Hydrate & Treat Dry Facial Skin

The changes in weather conditions can create havoc on your face, but you can treat dry facial skin issues with over-the-counter treatment creams.

The first critical step to get your dry skin in good condition is choosing the right moisturizing products and using them correctly.  You can keep your skin looking radiant and rid your face of dry skin all year round by establishing a consistent skin-care regimen.

Use an exfoliating scrub.

To remove the dead and flaky skin use an exfoliating scrub three times a week.  A skin scrub is used to remove the top layer of dry skin, and reveal a new layer with a smooth texture.

The best exfoliating scrubs contain skin-softening granules that will remove the dry skin on your face and release skin-plumping moisturizers into your pores.

Apply a gentle cleanser to your face every morning.

Avoid cleansers and soaps that contain detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate, which will remove natural oils from your skin. Follow these cleansing agents with a facial moisturizer created for dry skin.

Look for facial creams and lotions that are rich in moisturizing agents.

Examine labels and find products with glycerin, shea butter, ceramides, and stearic acid.  Apply these moisturizers after you wash your face or after you shower, because they are most effective while your skin is still damp.

Kinerase Ultra Rich Night Repair and Dove Pro-Age moisturizers are among the recommended hydrating products.

hydrate dry facial skinSmooth a moisturizer over dry facial skin before bedtime.

Each night before bedtime, apply a generous portion of moisturizer to your face. The addition of a night cream to your evening beauty regimen infuse much needed moisture into skin cells and keep dry skin from returning in the morning.

Use aloe vera as a sealant.

Dry skin may be a result of skin irritations. By adding a layer of liquid aloe vera to your skin before applying moisturizer, you are creating an extra level of protection for your skin.

The aloe vera acts as a shield to keep makeup and other irritants from clogging your pores.

Additional Tips for Hydrating & Treating Dry Facial Skin

  • Use soaps made of olive oil or other natural ingredients.
  • Milk cleansers are gentle on dry skin.
  • Use skin cleansers and moisturizes made by Aveeno, Dove, and Cera Ve.
  • Foaming body washes, bubble baths and harsh soaps can totally sabotage efforts to retain moisture in your skin.
  • Hot water is a great stress reliever, but the temperature of the water will quickly strip your body of natural oils.
  • Use bath oil after your bath or shower.
  • Moisture can be sealed in with Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Lotion and creams by Cetaphil and Cera Ve.  Vaseline petroleum jelly helps to prevent extra dry hands from cracking.

Choose your moisturizing products to hydrate and treat dry facial skin carefully. The results will be skin that feels good and you will see visible evidence of moisture-rich skin.

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