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Foundation and Concealer Tips

How to Use Concealer as Foundation: Steal this Awesome Beauty Hack!

how to use concealer as foundation

How to Use Concealer as Foundation

Is there a jar, tube or small compact filled with concealer in your beauty bag?

If not, add this blemish cover-up and skin blotch neutralizer to your makeup kit immediately.

While makeup artists use concealer to cover dark undereye bags and skin imperfections around the nose and chin areas, this product also doubles as a glam-worthy foundation substitute.

When you’ve run out of your fave liquid or cream foundation, you can use this beauty gem to create more radiant and super-smooth skin in under 5 minutes.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Liquid or cream concealer
  • Lightweight moisturizer for the face
  • Non-latex sponge
  • Translucent powder
  • Facial tissue

Step 1: Smooth on a concealer that complements your skin tone.

Dark-toned beauties look best in creamy concealers with bronzy and warm undertones.

While glamazons with olive- and medium-hued skin need face makeup with yellow undertones, pale and porcelain-toned beauties require super-sheer concealer that is light-colored instead of golden.mix concealer with moisturizer

Step 2: Mix a few drops of concealer with moisturizer.

Yes, makeup gurus recommend you use a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your skin. When using concealer as a foundation, however, you’ll need the color to disappear into your skin.

The trick?  Mix liquid or cream concealer that is the same color as your foundation with two or three drops of a lightweight moisturizer.

Rub these two products together in your palm. Then apply this complexion-smoothing concoction to your clean and freshly washed skin.

Step 3: Skip the makeup brush and use your fingertips to apply.

To create smooth and glowing skin, apply the makeup and moisturizer mixture to your face with your fingers.

To blend the makeup altogether and achieve a flawless finish, swipe skin with a non-latex makeup sponge.

apply concealer fingertipsFinal How to Use Concealer as Foundation Tips:

  • Dust, translucent powder over the skin, to set the concealer and create a smooth canvas for your blush and eyeshadow.
  • If you’ve slathered on the concealer too thickly, blot your skin with a clean tissue to remove the excess foundation.



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