The Best Ways to Develop Mental Toughness Without Destroying Your Confidence

The Best Ways to Develop Mental Toughness Without Destroying Your Confidence

Finding the motivation to improve your mental toughness skills seems easy, but sticking to it can prove challenging.

By following these tips, however, you will be able to hold onto your focus and stay motivated with all of your self-improvement efforts.

1First, What’s Stopping You From Achieving Your goals

The mind is a powerful thing; it can provide you with memory, knowledge, and confidence. Unfortunately, it can also destroy you and keep you from being the best version of yourself.

If you feel that your mind, whether due to your self-doubts, memories, or mental health disorders, are keeping you from achieving, it is time to figure out why.

You Focus Too Much On the Past

A major reason why your mind can be punishing you and keeping you from achieving your goals is that you are living in the past. You need to accept your mistakes, apologize for them, and move on.

Dwelling too much on things that have already happened is nothing but pointless punishment.

This won’t change the choices you made or the consequences of those actions.

While it is good to own up to your mistakes and try to make up for them, focusing too much on the past keeps you from moving forward.

The “What Ifs” Are Taking Over

Another issue with thinking about the past too much is that you start thinking about all the ‘What Ifs’. What if you made another choice, what if you chose another partner, what if you went down a different road, what if you took a different job.

These are also pointless observations that are based on no factual information.

That job might have caused you more stress, taking a different path might have led to more misery; you never know what could happen.

It is time to look forward and achieve your goals without letting these negative thoughts get in the way.

Other People Are Bringing You Down

Unfortunately, it might be other people that are affecting your mindset. The actions and attitudes of other people can make a big difference in how you feel and how you express those feelings.

If you are surrounded by toxic people, it can cause you to experience their negativity and pessimism, which only affects your mind and keeps you from seeing through with your goals.

You Are Self-Sabotaging Yourself

Self-sabotage is all too common, even though it is hard to believe in yourself. A lot of self-sabotaging comes from previous experiences.

If you had a parent that used to belittle you and never showed how proud they were of you, you might end up with a ‘why bother’ attitude.

This can make you feel as if your efforts are pointless, so then you don’t bother trying anymore. Stop hurting yourself and help yourself!

2How to Practice Mental Toughness

practice mental toughness

So what can you do to foster a mentally tough attitude that will serve you well in all aspects of your life?

Reward the Small Things

If you are able to find the motivation to begin something, but have difficulty holding onto that motivation, one excellent method is to start rewarding yourself.

This allows you to feel accomplishments as they happen, instead of feeling like you are making all this effort to improve your life, without seeing the positive results right away. Whether you are trying to lose weight, keep up with a journal, or get into better mental health, reward each step that you take.

You can choose rewards based on the type of goal or task you completed. Buy yourself an outfit every time you lose 10 pounds, set a higher reward for reaching your weight loss goal, or treat yourself to a movie out with friends when you go a full week or month with your new healthy eating lifestyle.

If you’re working on mental health or self-help tactics, give yourself small rewards for starting an anxiety journal, visiting the therapist for the first time, or completing your most recent self-help book.

Set the Bar a Little Lower

Another thing that can sap all of your motivation is by constantly feeling like you have failed. In many cases, this is not for lack of trying, but more because you try to set the bar too high.

If you just started a new business, and you make a goal that you will profit $100,000 in the first quarter, chances are, you will feel that confidence drain at the end of the quarter when you don’t reach your goal.

This is not a realistic goal, not just because you are a brand new business and earning a profit takes time, but because with a new business, you don’t yet know how much you will earn.

A better method is to set realistic goals and lower the bar a little. With your new business, a more achievable goal is to make a smaller list of things you want to accomplish in the first quarter, such as attending a local trade show, incorporating online marketing into your advertising plan, and beginning to make sales.

These still help with your ultimate goal, but aren’t quite as hard to accomplish. Over time, gradually increase your goals.

The Long-Term Benefits of Building Mental Toughness with a Therapist’s Guidance

An excellent way to become more motivated in your self-improvement endeavors is not just think about what you are going through now, but to really focus on the long-term benefits.

An experienced BetterHelp therapist will consider your specific needs, create a treatment plan and apply proven therapeutic approaches to help you reach your long-term goals.

Whether you’re using BetterHelp’s telephone counseling service — or one of their other confidential and secure telemental health service methods — you can pace and track your process of developing mental toughness with a professional over a period of time.

It is difficult to stick to a new mental toughness regimen, but when you consider the long-term benefits of increasing general health, and gaining self-confidence, it makes it a lot easier to remain focused on the goal.

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